Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh has over 96 years of experience in road and intermodal transport of bulk chemicals and gas for the chemical industry. Headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we operate from 23 countries around the globe. Our team numbers 1,520 employees and we make use of our own fleet of 26,000 liquid, gas and dry bulk containers, 550 trucks and 400 road barrels.

Den Hartogh is specialized in the transportation of Air, Chemicals, Liquefied Natural gases and Polymers.  They experienced sustained business growth in intercontinental traffic with offices such as Dubai, Houston, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai.

As a specialised service, Den Hartogh supports customers during Turnarounds and Shutdowns with drivers and equipment to empty and fill up their facilities supported by co-ordinating safetysupervisors and safety equipment like flexible containment units and safety showers.

All equipment can be operated from ground level and chassis are specially designed for easy and safe access. Supportive Project Management is part of the service package provided.

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