Denholm MacNamee Limited

Denholm MacNamee Limited

Denholm MacNamee Ltd is a leader in specialist cleaning solutions for the Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas Industries, Major business areas are Process Plant De-contamination, Non Intrusive Tank Cleaning and HP/UHP Jetting Services

Denholm provide specialist decontamination services for onshore and offshore process plant systems to eliminate H2S, LEL benzene and pyrophoric issues in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner using a chemical process that is low hazard and environmentally friendly. The process is well proven and is generally completed in a twelve hour processing time without the need for nitrogen purging as part of the process. The process is simple to rig up, usually with no requirement for temporary tanks, heat exchangers or complicated pipe runs.

Chemical products used are CEFASs & REACH registered and have minimal environmental impact. Effluent from the process is reduced to a minimum and is of low hazard thus reducing disposal costs.

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