Process Asset Integration & Management Ltd (ProAIM) is an international company providing specialist consultancy, software, and training solutions in the area of asset utilisation, reliability, and maintenance.

Using life cycle data and asset reliability and optimisation technologies, we can predict and prevent failures, improve safety performance, and provide significant costs savings to our clients within the oil and gas and petrochemical sectors.

We provide:

  • Expert knowledge in Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM).
  • Expert knowledge for the process industries to optimise maintenance strategies to achieve maximum plant availability.
  • Patented, fully-integrated, advanced RAM technology to enable full life cycle analysis, featuring equipment redundancy, spare parts optimisation, and quantification of maintenance strategies.
  • Data-driven reliability-centred maintenance (RCM). 
  • Quantitative analysis of the historical performance of an asset to enable key decisions regarding OPEX and CAPEX. 
  • Advice and guidance from industry recognised senior consultants on ISO standards, compliance, and verification.
  • Industry accredited reliability and maintenance training.

Contact Info:

Website: ProAim