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Sharecat Solutions provides solutions and services that increases the quality and availability of correct equipment information and documentation for Operation of Assets and Projects. Having correct information available will speed up maintenance and operations planning and reduce time for shutdown & turnarounds, saving time and cost. The SHAREcat Material and Asset offers the Improve Program to analyse and improve data such as TAG-, DOCUMENT-, EQUIPMENT-, SPARE PARTS data in addition to linking the information and secure data and consistency. The SHAREcat Catalogue holds information from more than 2500 vendors, and is used as a vehicle to validate and enhance equipment information. SHAREcat Information Management offers Capture and Collaboration Solution as an industry designed solution for capture, processing and structuring both DOCUMENT and TAG data, all organised under the same asset-/project specific structure. SHAREcat has over the years been used by 20+ major oil & gas operators and 30+ major capital offshore oil & gas projects. More than 500 different EPC’s and package suppliers worldwide have been supplying information for more than 100 operating assets through our solutions.

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